Community Visits and Town Tours

Visit a Community
Visit a local community. Dance and sing with Children from a Community school, see how traditional mud houses are constructed, play a round of soccer or share some other different experiences with Lvingstone’s community.
These Tours, which either lead you to local community projects or orphanages are an opportunity for the partner projects to create sustainable funding .

Currently we offer two tours:
– Visit Ngwenja Compund in Livingstone together with Sambaland, heart for the children or
Kwathu Orphanage
Please feel free to enquire for more information on

Village Tours

Many travellers only get to see village life from their vehicle’s windows. We can take you into the heart of villages where you will be introduced to the village chief or chieftainess. Let us shown you how local huts are built or where children go to school. Some villages around Livingstone have opened their doors to Tourists, giving them a chance to experience their day to day life.

After your visit our guides are always happy to take you to a lovely lodge nearby where you can enjoy lunch or some refreshing drinks on a deck overlooking the Zambezi.

Get to know Livingstone town

Town Tours
In each town life follows its own rhythm. Our local guides will make you experience Livingstone’s vibrant feel while keeping in mind your specific interests (markets, art, museum, architecture, history….)
We are also happy to take you on a night life tour. Enjoy live music and other events with our local guides.

Are you interested in art? Get to know the local art scene with our experienced guides!