Mosi-Oa-Tunya Park prides itself of at least 450 or more bird species, most of which are resident. Migrating birds set in around November/December while some waders may come in as early as August. These Palaearctic migrants leave in March and April towards the destinations in the northern hemisphere where they spend the winter. Most birds can however be seen all year round. Savannah Southern Safaris will provide birders exclusive tours in the park and the surrounding areas where some special birds like the mostly solitary Miombo Pied Barbet (Tricholaema frontata) the Taita Falcon (Falco fasciinucha), which is almost extinct, and the elusive African Finfoot (Podica senegalensis) can be seen.

A little out of town, one may also spot Africa’s most localised parrots “The black- cheeked love birds” (Agapornis nigrigenis).
Birding tours start as early as 05:30 hrs or 6.30 in the morning depending on the time of the year.Our tour will last a minimum of three hours.

“ It is the earliest bird that catches the worm and the early birders that view the earliest bird ”

Afternoon birding starts at 14:30 or an hour later dependent on time of the year.

Both morning and noon walks will last a minimum of three hours.

For the more adventurous birders we offer trips outside Livingstone to see special birds such as the endemic Chaplin’s Barbet, African Shoebill, Flamingos, long toed lapwing , etc.

Multi Day packages are also available!