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3 days ago

Savannah Southern Safaris

Dear Waterberry River Lodge Team, thank you for sharing this beautiful picture with us!Baby elephant on the riverbank at last night's sunset cruise. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Savannah Southern Safaris

We are sad on this day... let us hope we will be able to safe the Southern White Rhino species now.SUDAN - THE VERY LAST MALE NORTHERN WHITE RHINO DIES & THE WORLD HANGS ITS HEAD IN SHAME!
Yesterday Sudan, the last remaining male rhino closed his eyes for the last time on a world that has abused and slaughtered his subspecies of rhino into extinction. He leaves behind two elderly female northern white who are past their age for breeding.
The Northern White was hunted into virtual extinction, prized for its horn which Eastern Traditional Medline says cures ailments but most of the modern day world KNOWS is not true and is made up of Keratin - the same as our fingernails. So many rhinos were slaughtered that the last few wild rhinos were taken into captivity, but a breeding programme was unsuccessful due to the rhinos losing their instinct to breed once out of the wild.
It was decided to return them to Africa to the Ol Pejeta reserve in a last minute hope they would produce and save the species, but by this time, all the rhinos had lost their instinct and ability to breed. Any future hope of offspring now lies in using Sudan's genetic materiel combined with the females to produce viable eggs in a laboratory and implant into Southern White females.
The very last female Sumatran rhino in Borneo is also on sick watch, after an operation has left her fighting for her life.
Us humans are to blame for this, us and us alone. NOW is the time to stop trophy hunting, poaching and development of wilderness - We need to revert huge swathes of the world back into protected wilderness and those who support the Traditional Medicine trade need to WAKE UP and realise that they are responsible for the death of many species around the globe and it must stop now.
#Greenworldtv #Sudan #northernwhiterhino #rhino #rhinos
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2 months ago

Savannah Southern Safaris

With rains comes beautiful blooms in the greens. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

Savannah Southern Safaris

Exclusive Valentines Nature Walks ... See MoreSee Less

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